Anti-glare Anti-peep Heat Insulation Film

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"Put sunglasses" on the Windows and enjoy a comfortable home life. Sun protection master heat insulation film, optical heat insulation energy saving experts. Effectively reduce the indoor temperature, at the same time block strong light irradiation and has the function of preventing peep. Unidirectional perspective: protect the privacy of the visual field. When the outdoor brightness is higher than the indoor one, the indoor environment cannot be seen.

Scratch resistance: Resistance to repeated cleaning of glass caused by wear.

Heat insulation performance: Solve the hot summer room temperature high.

Reduce glare: The one-way perspective to avoid direct sunlight too harsh.

Unidirectional perspective:

Protect the privacy of the visual field.

Cut off ultraviolet ray: Prevent house insolation to bring fade. Static, sun protection, environmental protection.